Keep Your Website Updated & Secure

Website Care Plans

Good websites cost much more than dollars; they cost time. That’s why we offer a tiered plan specifically created with your needs in mind. And with our detailed monthly reports, you and your board can have the assurance that your investment is wise.

  • Basic


    Best for standard websites updated monthly

    • Professional hosting
    • Premium security software
    • Licensed use of premuim plugins/software (major savings!)
    • Complimentary Termagedon license ($120 savings)
    • Software Updates
    • Manual Website Check after Updates
    • Daily Website Backups w/ Restoration
    • Daily Security Monitoring
    • Daily Uptime Monitoring
    • Database Optimization and SPAM cleanup
    • Daily Performance Scans
    • Email Support Ticket Desk
    • Client Dashboard for Tracking and Reporting
    • Monthly Maintenance Report + Analytics


A Website Care Plan provides for the basic care and maintenance your WordPress website requires to stay protected, to stay current, and to continue running smoothly. Our Care Plans cover three primary areas:

Regular Maintenance

  • helps you avoid security threats
  • prevents plugins and other site functions on your site from becoming outdated and/or incompatible with the rest of your software

Regular Backups

  • Daily backups ensure that your site can be restored if something happens.

Content Updates

  • Sermons, calendar events, etc

Websites take time, dedication, and regular maintenance. Many churches have volunteers that gladly take on the responsibilities involved. This is a blessing for sure. Other churches assign church staff to cover basic tasks. Depending on the person and skill set, this is another solution that can work well. However, there are many churches that sort of hobble along with no one to really take the reigns and make the website what it could/should be. This is the space I’d like to fill. We take on your church’s digital tasks, freeing you to focus on your ministry.

When you purchase a Care Plan, you essentially outsource your website maintenance and content management. Not only do we take care of basic WordPress upkeep, we can also upload sermons, update calendars events, and schedule blog posts with text that you provide.

We currently feature two tiers of our Care Plan. Some churches prefer more help while others only want the most basic care. No matter your requirements, we’re happy to help.

For example, while the Basic Plan covers software updates, theme updates, security scans, and regular maintenance, Teamwork provides all of this plus content updates (ie, sermons and calendar events, etc).

You are free to cancel at any time. We’d hate to see you go, of course, but totally understand. Simply give us a couple of days to cancel your fees and prepare your site for hand-off. We’ll even send you a maintenance schedule so you can stay on top of things. Our goal is help, not to gouge the church; we want our cancellation policy to reflect that.

We maintain developers licenses from many of the leading brands in the industry. Though our list varies at times (we’re always looking for the best!), we generally carry licenses in the following categories:

Premium security
Performance optimization/page caching
Email newsletters
Form builders

Absolutely. Monthly reports are perhaps the clearest proof that your investment is wise. You’ll receive monthly PDF reports that provide update history, performance, uptime monitoring, off site backups/backup schedule, website traffic and analytics, as well as SEO crawl report so you can know how your website scored.

Payments are handled on a monthly subscription basis. You can manage every aspect of your payments directly in our Client Portal. Credit card information is not stored with us. In fact, we never see it.

If your site is newly developed with us, your Care Plan goes into effect upon launch. Otherwise, once your checkout process is complete, we will have your site covered in one month.

Yes. We believe that “strong fences make the best neighbors.” In other words, projects work best when everyone knows what to expect from everyone else. Simple, straightforward contracts help keep everyone on the same proverbial page.

We’re always glad to help folks maintain their website. First, we will perform a website evaluation to get to know your site’s construction and any potential problems. We’ll also run updates and create a full backup for you. At the end, we will provide a list of issues that need to be fixed as well as suggestions for improvement. If you’re interested, you can either email us or schedule a phone or video consultation to discuss it further.

The support time allotment for each of our web care plans includes simple updates and additions to your website. Here are just a few examples:

Sermon uploads
Calendar events
Text and/or image changes or additions
New pages (image and text content must be provided)
Updating or adding new forms
Scheduling blog posts

As preventative care and maintenance, we do all we can to avoid major issues on your website. Though we cannot guarantee that an issue will never happen, we will do everything within our power to assist in the cleanup and restoration of your website from one of our backups.

To be perfectly clear, no one can guarantee that hackers will not find their way into your website. That’s not feasible for anyone. What we can do is monitor, maintain, and backup so that if anything does happen, we’re the first to know, the first to take action, and the first to recover a secure site.