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    Website design + development commissioned by Bethel Presbyterian Church of Lake Charles.

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  • For this project, the pastor requested several items to be included on the homepage. First, he wanted Reformed Theological Seminary’s weekly “Wisdom Wednesday” to prominently feature here. The idea behind this was, of course, the edification of both the congregation as well as anyone who might visit. RTS creates outstanding content so this was an exciting idea. The natural bookend to this is fresh content from the church itself, this time in the form of its latest sermon.

    The other request was the weekly update of New City Catechism’s question of the week. At the time, one of the classes was studying the Catechism so this was a natural way to help everyone keep track of where they were in the study.

    The Bethel Presbyterian Church website is an excellent examples of a church using its website as a ministry tool.

    Bethel homepage
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